Lazio, Lotito: “Many are bothered by the fact that Immobile is in Lazio”

LOTITO IMMOBILE – Time of national team for the Serie A teams that will have few players available for today’s training.

Lazio, Lotito: “Many are bothered by the fact that Immobile is in Lazio”

Lazio ended their first tour de force in the league from third in the standings, after a good start in Serie A. Today the Biancocelesti president, Claudio Lotito, spoke to Leggo’s microphones talking about his Lazio in general. Here are the words of the patron Biancoceleste:

On Inzaghi’s farewell:

“After Simone Inzaghi’s departure from the scene, in some ways sudden and unexpected, we have chosen a manager in line with the ambitions of this club. He is not, therefore, a transition coach, but one capable of immediately starting a new project, which would focus on young people and improve the squad. I have evaluated many valid technicians, more or less noble. I chose not to be satisfied. I didn’t take a name: I chose an idea of ​​playing football ”.

On the renewal of Sarri:

We understood each other immediately. I did not know him, but he immediately made a great impression on me: as I have already said Sarri he is a person who lives for football. This is why I have entrusted him with a wide-ranging project, which seems to me to be showing all his potential even in these first days of the championship which are a good prelude to this second season ”.

About Romagnoli:

Being from Lazio is an important plus, because it helps you to get in tune with these colors right away. Alone, however, it is not enough. First of all comes the technical aspect: and Romagnoli is really what we needed, in terms of skills and international experience. You fall in love with white and light blue as a child, so it was for Romagnoli, or playing with it: I think that Immobile, Milinkovic, but also others who have been here for less time than them, have now become fans of the team they play for “.

On Property:

I find it incredible that such a player is not celebrated as he deserves. Lazio does not want favorable treatment from anyone. And the same goes for his players. He just wants reality to be looked at. A player who has scored many goals for years, who is always decisive, with shots as a great player, goes to the newspapers for events that have nothing to do with his human and sporting qualities. He won his Golden Shoe but maybe someone bothers that he is at Lazio. I know him and I know that he loves the Lazio fans and this club precisely because they make him feel important every day “.


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