Lazio, Sarri: “Property goes beyond the numbers”

LAZIO SARRI – Lazio immediately returned to work in Formello, after last night’s great 4-0 victory against Fiorentina.

Lazio, Sarri: “Property goes beyond the numbers”

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri spoke to Dazn’s microphones in the post-match victory against Fiorentina. He spoke of the great race of his, also praising Ciro Immobile. Here are the words of the Biancoceleste coach:

About Vecino:

Movie director? Today it was a necessity. Cataldi didn’t make it due to an ailment last night. Marcos Antonio hasn’t done 90 minutes since January. It was unthinkable to go beyond 60/65. I had already talked to Vecino and Luis and told him that one of them would play the play. Being in the lead, I preferred the physical one. Vecino is someone who gives off energy and passes it on to his teammates, a reliable player and for us he is becoming important ”.

On Property:

I saw Pipita scored two more goals in MLS, he may not even retire anymore (laughs, ed). Ciro is special in his attitude. He has humility and availability despite his numbers. I understand why the people of Lazio are in love with him. Beyond the numbers, he has something special. He is so helpful that it is a pleasure to have him in the locker room. This is a group that makes you fall in love. You work well there and they have a predisposition to meet you. At the level of mentality “.

On the environment:

I have never hidden that I am fine at Lazio. I’m fine with the players, with the environment in Formello, the public was an extraordinary surprise: it gets into your skin after a while you’re at it. I found the desire to coach in this environment and I have to thank the fans, not them me ”.


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