MagicResults: tops, flops and statistics of the 5th day

Last night, with the match between Turin and Lecce, the match ended 5a day of the championship. These, according to the votes of the Milan editorial office of the Gazzetta dello Sport, are the players who have been particularly highlighted and those who, on the contrary, have disappointed the expectations of the many Magic Coaches.

The best and the worst

È Lion (Milan) with 15 to win the highest fantasy media this day, great satisfaction for all those fantasy coaches who have bet on him without batting an eye.

The same cannot be said for Rui Patricio (Rome) than with his 1 it was the worst, disappointing the expectations of those who had deployed it.

😍 Top by role 5th day:

😱 Flop for role 5th day:

📈 The trend of the last 3 days:

If you are wondering which are the best players for each position in the last 3 days, the answer is simple.

The goalkeeper with the best performance is Maignan (Milan) with his 8.0.

In defense, watch out for Duke (Turin) with an excellent 7.5.

In the median it is Pereyra (Udinese) with 8.0 to be the master.

Forward the most insidious striker is Lion (Milan) with 8.5.

(I.e. Ideal formation of the 5th day (4-3-3):

MagicPoints: 119

Defense Bonus: + 6

TOTAL: 125

🙈 Flop 11 of the 5th day (3-4-3):


Please note:

The goal is calculated with a bonus equivalent to +3, regardless of the player’s role.

The ideal formation is determined using the defense modifier.

The trend is calculated considering only the votes in the report card (therefore without bonus / malus)

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MagicResults: tops, flops and statistics of the 4th day

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