Mantra Fantasy Football 2021-2022: 5 defense tips

With the traditional stop in September, it was time for the auction Fantasy Football also for the increasing number of fantamanager using the Mantra mode, a game system that compared to that Classic presents greater realism and greater attention to the real roles of the players. Here are our 5 defense tips:

Elseid Hysaj (Lazio)

Loyal to Sarri, who after having trained him to Empoli e Napoli strongly wanted it with him also at the Lazio, the Albanian defender al Mantra is an attractive element due to his flexibility. In fact, he holds the roles of Dd, Ds and EThe classic wildcard defensive which, if purchased at a low price, can guarantee regularity and solidity. Player not particularly accustomed to bonus, despite the goal scored against Spezia, in the biancoceleste defense, considering the coach’s esteem towards him and the lack of competition in the role, he should be the owner of the left wing.

Hysaj (Lazio =
Hysaj (Lazio)

Domenico Criscito (Genoa)

A real top of the department considering its flexibility and its high propensity for bonuses. It can in fact be used as Ds, Dc or E and is the penalty taker of Genoa. From a footballing point of view, no longer having the dynamism of a few years ago, he will play as a left central in the 3-star defense. Ballardini. The main unknown factor concerns the physical condition that forced him to miss 15 games last season. For this reason he must be placed in a ward with at least 5/6 regular and reliable defenders and must be purchased at a not exaggerated price.

Theo Hernandez (Milan)

Usable as Ds o And Hernandez it will undoubtedly be one of the most contested names at the Fantasy Football auction. He makes up for his shortcomings in the defensive phase with his great offensive qualities and his attitude to the bonus, both light and heavy. Undisputed owner of the Rossoneri left wing, the main drawback of him concerns the high propensity for a yellow card: 9 yellow cards received last season. But he remains a top of the department.

Rick Karsdorp (Rome)
Rick Karsdorp (Rome)

Rick Karsdorp (Rome)

After 3 seasons as a mysterious object, mainly due to injuries, a bit of a surprise Karsdorp he became the master of the Giallorossi right wing, beating the competition. Usable as Dd or E if he were to show the same physical condition as last season he could prove to be a reliable starter for the fantasy defense at 4. Compared to last season, where he totaled 6 assists, may prove less effective in the area bonus due to the more defensive role.

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Martin Caceres (Cagliari)

The experienced Uruguayan defender, returning from a not particularly exciting season with the Fiorentina, also in this championship he will present himself at the starting line of the Serie A. To ensure his performances was the Cagliari where he meets his team mates in the national team Godin e Nandez. Very ductile element (can be used as Dd, Ds or Dc) it can be a good reinforcement due to its ability to adapt to different modules.

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