Milan, CdS: “Leao, what a certainty for the Rossoneri”

MILAN, CDS- As reported by the CdS to date, the great certainty of the Rossoneri who are waiting for the Milan transfer market is De Ketelaere, with a Leao in the dust.

He ran away whenever he wanted, sowing his opponents in speed or dribbling: impossible to stop him. And since the result was not unblocked, he thought about throwing balls towards the opponent’s goal. A couple of attempts to adjust the aim and then the pearl: a wonderful goal for the naturalness with which he tamed a complex ball, he took it forward after it was just behind him, and then overtook the goalkeeper with a sweet pole . How many would have been able to complete the same sequence of technical gestures? We say it: few. Yet what Leao conveyed is that it was the simplest action in the world. “

WHAT A PHYSICAL. Obviously satisfied with Pioli, who was fundamental to change the Portuguese’s head. He worked to make him understand the extent of his means and these are the results: one of the brightest stars in European football was born. The days of listlessness and indolence have become rarefied. They have not completely disappeared, but the truth is that Leao now only needs one play to be decisive. And there is also something new, looking at him on the pitch he gave the impression of being physically more solid, of having put on some more muscle, so as to better resist the blows of his opponents. “
Christian Marangio


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