Milan, Gazzetta: “Already all crazy for De Ketelaere”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta wrote, Milan already has its great pupil to look after over the years in good time.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Already all crazy for De Ketelaere”

“De Ketelaere is destined for a bright career: he who does everything to keep himself out of the spotlight. He would live behind the scenes, were it not for that natural predisposition to take center stage. As happens to great actors and as it happened two nights ago at San Siro, La Scala del calcio: it was the scene of Charles’ first performance as a holder, a show that was worth the price of the ticket. A script made up of assists, plays, recoveries, progressions. The first was good: a night as a potential champion and San Siro put the blue tick, the one that guarantees the authenticity of the profile on social networks. Here, too, De Ketelaere confirms that he is a reserved guy: he has an Instagram account with only 37 posts and over three hundred and twenty-nine thousand followers, including many of his new teammates ”.

“Yet the blue badge that distinguishes celebrities is missing: for a player of his level it is unusual. To be clear: all the other teammates, from Ibra with his 55 million fans up to Marko Lazetic, stopped at 104 thousand, have verified profiles. The AC Milan fans put the stamp: yes, he can drag the team. And still speaking of social media, moving to Twitter, it turns out that the hashtag #DeKetelaere was still in trend yesterday evening, with hundreds of comments regarding it ”.

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