Milan, Gazzetta: “Pioli what a teacher”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Pioli’s Milan can really make the leap of a great quality today in an important way.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Pioli what a teacher”

“Milan has returned to shine and will be able to do so again in great Europe. San Siro, a show of lights, pushed him to the finish line. The flashlight of seventy-four thousand cell phones lit up the scene a few minutes before the start, the rest was done by the team. Shiny as Pioli had asked after the blackout against Torino. We needed a great Milan night and so it was ”.

“It was clear from the premises: the full Curve that sings for Nesta and Seedorf, protagonists of historic triumphs, today on the sidelines as Prime commentators. And then Daniele Bonera, another great ex, now in Pioli’s staff, who watches the game from the top of the stands, standing, a few steps to the right and then to the left to release the tension. Today’s Milan aspire to return to the top of Europe and yesterday climbed another peak: they are among the best sixteen on the continent. The last time he was the protagonist of an in or out of the Champions League was in March 2014, in the Atletico Madrid stadium ”.

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