Milan, Gazzetta: “Rossoneri towards the future”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Milan team is really trying to go to the great Olympus of the economy today.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Rossoneri towards the future”

“The Rossoneri universe could complete his round in three thousand and one hundred and forty-nine days: on 11 March 2014, 3149 days ago, he saw the Champions League round of 4 for the last time. The 1 to XNUMX of Atletico Madrid condemned the team to a long period of obscurity, an eclipse that lasted over eight and a half years. The club’s light could soon shine again on the great Europe: a victory tomorrow night in Zagreb would bring the round of XNUMX of the tournament closer. Not a mathematical achievement (repeating the success against Salzburg) but, according to the data, a high percentage of success. In the last round, a draw might be enough. Gerry Cardinale, a practical entrepreneur, bases the success of his project on other, much more ambitious numbers: he aims to increase the club’s millionaire collections, exploring new territories and new commercial collaborations. In essence, making Milan increasingly global: returning to the top sixteen in Europe is also a necessity for this. Cardinale had used another metaphor: «I think Milan are a sleeping giant. It is one of the most popular clubs in Southeast Asia and has a large fan base in the United States, which guarantees growth opportunities ». To wake the giant up, great challenges are needed, in order to rekindle international interest in the club: more interest, more business, more money to invest in strengthening the team ”.

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