Milan, Gazzetta: “Sandro, the goal with a Rossoneri heart”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the Milan team really makes clear the position in the standings in an important way.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Sandro, the goal with a Rossoneri heart”

“Verona as a branch of San Siro: in the Hellas stadium, Sandro Tonali feels at home. Of the 6 goals scored for the Rossoneri, half have come here. He knows perfectly the corridors that lead to the goal: last year he scored a decisive double for the championship race. Yesterday he decided an even more uncomfortable match, when Verona seemed the real master of the match. Sandro is increasingly the center of the Rossoneri universe: midfielders revolve around (yesterday from the start Krunic and Adli, then Pobega and Bennacer), he remains a fixed point. A system that sheds light everywhere: Tonali scores, concludes, creates, and then duels, recovers, contrasts. Speak up too, because so do true leaders. «Winning matches of this type weighs a lot, we already know it from last season. Plus we wanted to keep doing well away. Even in the “no games” we manage to win the victory: we are happy ». The Curva Sud also made his voice heard. If for Sandro, Verona or Milan it makes little difference, for the fans it is the same: at San Siro they often chant his name. Yesterday they sang for him from a corner of the Bentegodi: «Sandro Tonali», marked immediately after the goal and even stronger after the end of the match. Sandro reciprocated with a greeting, the only one of him who found himself bare-chested after the fatigue on the pitch (he had changed his shirt with an opponent): the colors of Milan dress the heart ”.

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