Milan, Gazzetta: “The figures for Leao beat the market”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Milan makes a great proposal to Leao in an important way, with great figures.

Milan, Gazzetta: “The figures for Leao beat the market”

“Exceptional Milan will be close to Rafa dreaming of a happy ending: it is really possible and the club remains calm. Director Massara confirms: «We are confident, we are looking for a solution to go on for a long time and consolidate our growth. We’ll talk about it with dad already at dinner (yesterday at the football gala) ». Rafa returns his esteem: “I became a man at Milan thanks to Pioli and the club.” The club will support Leao morally (it is important that the player gets rid of this burden, and that he runs even lighter on the pitch) and above all economically. The club is willing to make a heavy commitment: without going crazy because it is not in the business logic, but with an exceptional proposal, never made before. Not even for Ibra, with his 7 million a year last season ”.

“All the more so if the parties decide to follow an alternative route: proceed with the renewal of the contract, disconnecting the matter from the ongoing lawsuit. The Sporting knot would not be solved, but Rafa would receive an even richer salary: for the agents he should be very rich, almost a “reward” for the legal case that would remain unsolved. Another hypothesis: the club helps Rafa in the settlement of the debt even without entering the legal dispute, Milan would not have the title. But he can deal directly with the player: the Growth Decree meets the Rossoneri’s needs, given that the top management must provide for a gross expense because taxes must obviously be paid on any aid “.

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Milan, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are looking for the new idol”

Milan, Gazzetta: “The signature on Leao’s renewal”