Milan, Kjær: “I thank my teammates for being close to me”

MILAN KJÆR- Milan continues its pre-season preparation in view of the next commitments to be completed. In the evening, the Rossoneri will challenge Vicenza at 19:00, there will also be the debut for De Keteleare.

Milan, Kjær: “I thank my teammates for being close to me”

The vice-captain of Milan, Simon Kjær, is back to give a very long interview to the Journal of Sport where he dealt with various topics. He talked about the injury and the happiness of being in Milan. Here are the words of the Danish:

About the Injury and the stop period:

I had never suffered such a serious injury and for the first time in my career I had to face a period in which I would be working alone, away from the rest of the group. My mother told me: “Pretend you are a hermit, one of those who live in the forest, separated from everything and everyone.” I felt just like that. Yes, the company was close to me, my companions wrote to me encouraging me, but in the end it was I who had to get up at 8 in the morning every day to work until 8 in the evening: therapy, re-education, alone with the physiotherapist.

On the Scudetto victory:

When I got hurt I pulled the plug from football for four months. I didn’t even watch the games. I was in contact with Pioli and his companions, nothing else. I didn’t go to Milanello because I had nothing to say and nothing to do. I returned more or less with ten games to go because I had to start doing some work with the team again and give something back to me. The boys welcomed me by giving me the shirt with my name signed by all of them. Milan is really a family and I love everyone. What did my injury steal? I know I have given a great hand in winning this Scudetto because it was the conclusion of a path of growth, both technical and mental, which began two and a half years ago when I arrived at Milan. Last year I only played 11 games, but I feel the Scudetto is mine. We all won it together. We celebrated as champions have to do. Usually I keep things inside, but sometimes I am able to get them out ”. 


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