Milan- Kluivert, Gazzetta: “This team is always with me”

MILAN- KLUIVERT, GAZZETTA- As Gazzetta reports today with the great interview with Kluivert, former Milan legend, it is really important.

Milan- Kluivert, Gazzetta: “This team is always with me”


Are you envious of the transformation of Italian football, which, compared to its times, perhaps focuses on a more open style of play?

«Well, maybe envious is not the right word, but in fact when I was playing there were Boban, Costacurta, Albertini, me and Weah in front. Great players, champions, but the attitude was different ».

Would you advise a Dutchman to come to Italy, given the problems you have had?

“Different eras cannot be compared. It is good to see that players like Wijnaldum and Depay are thinking of coming to Italy. Even if I must say that in Barcelona the fans are pressing to keep Memphis, which showed good things here ».

Do you think Italy is more suitable for Wijnaldum or Depay?

«Gini and Memphis are different, they will have or would have different coaches, Mourinho applies a system that is not that of Juve and not even the one to which Wijnaldum was used. I can’t make any predictions. But they are good and I don’t see why they should fail in Italy. In the year of the World Cup we must try to play as much as possible, I think this is an important motivation for Memphis, which in Barcelona is closed by many forwards. But it is certainly not the only one and indeed, from my point of view it is nice to see that players of such quality are happy to move to Italy ».

Why beautiful?

«But because I like Serie A and Milan remain in my heart, everyone knows. It is a club that I adore and I am happy that the team is now back to high levels. It has been a long way, a pain I guess for fans accustomed to something else. There are periods like this ».

Ibrahimovic remains the lighthouse at Milan, he will soon turn 41 years old. He joined Ajax a few years after her and still doesn’t want to stop. She is only five years older, she has been the manager of the youth sector of Barça and many other things and now she is waiting to coach a team. Strange that Zlatan still plays in the meantime?

“There are no stories alike: if Zlatan feels it, I don’t see why he shouldn’t continue. He is a winner, a leader, he talks to young people, he is a character and in the history of football he has already shown a lot. At Ajax it is good to play for a striker, but there are many stories to evaluate and Ibra has been successful everywhere. Like me he played with Ajax, Milan, Barcelona. We have something in common, you know? But he has had a longer career. He is an exemplary professional and above all he understands football. I don’t see why he should stop if he is feeling well. Age is just a number on the documents ».

Speaking of documents: your son is very young but he has to find a place far from Rome.

«I hope the club will provide, because Justin has his story to write and deserves a club that makes him play continuously. It is fundamental for his development ».

What are your model coaches?

«I like Xavi who is bringing Barcelona back to the highest levels, I also admire Tuchel, Klopp and Galtier a lot».

It seems to understand that Italian football could not be his coaching ground.

«I am waiting for the right opportunity. I like a good game, but you also need to be in a position to win. Beautiful football in itself produces little ».

Your favorites for the Italian Scudetto?

«We will have to see some real matches, not the friendlies. Milan, Inter, Juve and Roma seem to me on the same level. Atalanta was a good case at European level, now we have to wait to judge the future ».

Who do you like Serie A players?

“Leao, Lukaku, Lautaro”.

How do you see the Netherlands at the World Cup?

«Unknown as always, and then it’s a particular tournament».

You worked on Van Gaal’s staff, did this return to the field surprise you?

«No, because Louis wants to play for one last World Cup, then Koeman will return. He has the energy to bring Holland to a good result. But everything will be difficult to predict, a World Cup in winter is different, the good thing is that the players will arrive prepared and not tired. Of course it is strange that Italy still does not exist, but these are moments that pass ».

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Milan, Gazzetta: “De Ketelaere knows and learns Milan”

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