Milan, Pioli: “Leao is extraordinary, we already know Maignan”

MILAN PIOLI – Milan returned as the winner from the derby played at 18:30 against Inter, a 3-2 victory. Maignan and Leao gave the Devil a superlative performance.

Milan, Pioli: “Leao is extraordinary, we already know Maignan”

The Milan coach, Stefano Pioli, spoke to Dazn’s microphones in the post-match of the derby won 3-2, against Inter. He talked about the two top player performances of Leao and Maignan, here are the words of the Tuscan coach:

About Rafael Leao:

To improve it is necessary to have talent and intelligence, Rafa has both. Then he must be given the freedom to make mistakes, we always try to put him in the best conditions. He is an important weapon for the team, he has a way of doing that you care, but he knows that he must not be satisfied, a boy who was born with this talent must aim high “.

On Milan, in general:

“I our opponents want to prove that they are superior to us for many reasons. However, I liked the team very much, then we relaxed a bit, you risk giving too much to the opponents. But I repeat, the boys continue to amaze me with their desire to be together and improve, I am a happy coach. We were good at reading the game, we forced a few times with bad choices. It wasn’t easy to dominate for 95 minutes, but we faced the race with the right nastiness ”.

On Mike Maignan’s race:

If the team surprises me, Mike doesn’t, he’s a person of incredible depth. If we did so well last year it is because we have quality players, Mike is one of them ”.

In the words of Calhanoglu, in the pre-derby:

Hanging up your message (“we have fire inside”) in the locker room? It is one of the most important tasks for a coach. Sometimes I use something of mine, other times of others: the important thing is to have a group that thinks about it, that reflects, that worries and is then ready to give their best “.

On issues related to Leao’s renewal:

These are not things that I can decide, but I believe that the will of the club is to propose the renewal to Leao. We are professionals and we know how to leave certain things out. Rafa has beautiful attitudes, he is handsome, he knows that he has been gifted with talent .. Then for the contract whoever is responsible will do what he has to do “


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