Milan, Pobega: “Coming out of defeat will make us stronger”

MILAN POBEGA- Milan are preparing for the match against Monza, scheduled for 18:00 at San Siro.

Milan, Pobega: “Coming out of defeat will make us stronger”

The Milan midfielder, Tommaso Pobega, spoke to Dazn’s microphones in the sports channel’s column: “Linea Diletta”. Here are the words of the Rossonero midfielder:

On the loan in Turin:

Coming out of the Primavera certainly I was not ready to take a higher jump than what I did. It took me every step to grow, mature and improve. I knew what season I had done at La Spezia, I knew the level that was there, I wanted to have another test from myself and say: “Ok, I want to go and do another year, get back into the game and try to do even better“.

On the defeats:

Starting again after the defeat with Napoli? It was something that even the coach talked about a lot in training, in the locker room: strong teams always come together after a small fall, because you can fall, but the important thing afterwards is to get back on track immediately and continue on what you were doing. and we have shown it in these 3 games and we must continue like this“.

On Milan:

I’m trying to get used to it, but I think it’s difficult, to the affection of the fans. I have lived through many different squares in which there is still a lot of passion, last year at Turin there was a very passionate square. But here at Milan just like numbers and presence at the stadium is a different thing. When you see the choreography they do before the game, you understand that it is really beautiful and important“.


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