Milan still great with the big teams. Naples first not to believe in its own means. Juve always bad but uphill. Gasperini flops in the capital

All in a day: from the Milan of football in trouble, to the resurgent football Milan; from Pioli at risk for next season at the brilliant Pioli who guesses all the moves to put the Naples on your knees and back in top the leaderboard, this time alone. The Milan which wins al Maradona, theoretically it is the same team that a week earlier had drawn at San Siro with Udinese and before that in Salerno with the Salernitana. Against the formation of Spalletti instead the Rossoneri appeared regenerated: The reasons? When they face the big teams they get even bigger; against the small ones, on the other hand, they suffer from amesias. The numbers don’t lie: 21 points won in 10 races against the top 7 in the standings.


To put under the Naples, albeit with a measurement network of Giroud, good at straightening a tiraccio towards the door (only in intentions) of Calabria, Milan he used athletic freshness and physical strength. Pioli he was good at fielding Kessie, Tonali e Bennacer: three midfielders against 2 (Lobotka and Fabian Ruiz) of Naples.

Clearly won in that crucial area of ​​the pitch the duel and then, also won in defensive duels by raising the line of Tomori e Kalulu, always sent to press Osimhen, even at the cost of risking something against the supersonic speed of the Nigerian, one never tamed. Disappointing then the test of the two central defensive Spalletti: Koulibaly e Rahmani, soon cautioned by the referee Orsato. Once again, as had happened with the Barcelona in the home, the training of Spalletti it suffers the teams that press it high or put it on the physical level. Then maybe, unconsciously not heard yet a big: With Inter, Barcelona e Milan in fact, he hasn’t even won a match in his stadium.


Less than 4 from Naples third in the standings and less than 5 fromInter (with one game less) there is, a bit of a surprise there Juventus di Allegri who wins 1 to 0 to Turin with the Spezia. A gigantic effort in the second half only to defend themselves and defend the minimum result against a team that has put together the fourth consecutive defeat yet he always tries to play football. Something that Allegri continues not to do, ending up in the crosshairs of many Juventus fans who, rightly, understand that a team like Juventus should play football better and not get entrenched continuously in defense of the golletto advantage. The poor Vlahovic, within this misery of ideas and score, he practically did not make a shot on target 90 in minutes.

With the success against Spezia are however14 matches without defeat in the championship: 9 won and 5 drew. A play-free ascent made possible only by the medium-low level of the Italian league as then seen in the Cups.

Among the top clubs in Europe, only in Italian championship you can go a little way playing that bad. And the important number of absences for Juventus is by no means a mitigating factor for Allegri who has always played this type of football even with all the owners available. The absence for injury of Dybala continues to discuss; perhaps the time has really come for the club to make a final and non-definitive decision renew his contract. At least I think this way.


A bit like the Rome di Mourinho that, slowly, continuing to play badly, is moving up in the rankings. Good detonator was the small success (like the Juve) on Saturday against Atalanta, decidedly more difficult opponent than Spezia.

By dint of crusading against the referees, Gasperini seems to have lost clarity, making a mistake against the Giallorossi who won “Mourinho style” with defense and counterattack: Muriel e Boce initially on the bench with Pasalic still false nine were too big a gift for Roma. Bad choices and lack of sports culture: once again Gasperini has deserted the press conference of the post game, dropped into the role of the alleged Misunderstood Genius.


The poor Salernitana it was instead the best gift of the asymmetrical calendar to allow theInter to get back in the running and potentially still in top the leaderboard if he were to take the 3 points in the recovery against the Bologna: 5 goals to the training coached by Nicola and hat-trick for Lautaro Martinez that returns in confidence.

By dint of giving unconditional trust at the diesse of the bells Sabatini, considered a Vate among the insiders, most were under the illusion that the rumba of purchases on January market could give Salernitana its wings again. I personally have never believed in it also because, unlike many, I consider the current Sabatini, more a likeable philosopher than one still capable of making a difference. So it is if you like …

Di Paolo Bargiggia

Written by News Releases

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