Monza, Cragno: “Galliani is a unique person”

CRAGNO GALLIANI – Monza continues its pre-season athletic training, after a 4-0 friendly win. Today, Stroppa’s men underwent training in finishing to recover strength.

Monza, Cragno: “Galliani is a unique person”

Alessio Cragno, new Brianzoli goalkeeper, gave a long interview to The Gazette of Sport where he talked about various topics, from leaving Cagliari to moving to Lombardy. Here are the statements of the red and white goalkeeper:

On the impact he had with Berlusconi and Galliani: 
“Very positive, you see the organization and the high level. They made the history not only of football, but of Italian sport ”.

How was the transition from Serie A to Serie B with Cagliari?

Not easy. In Cagliari I felt at home, it was very hard. I was and am fond of that square “.

Then came Monza:

“In life you always have to start again, when you fall you have to get up again. And the call from Monza made me happy ”.

What struck you most about Galliani, at the time of signing:

A series of sports shirts hanging at home, I was fascinated by one of Djokovic’s used in a Wimbledon final ”.

The relationship with Stroppa:

Demanding, he also has specific requests for us goalkeepers “.

With so much perseverance and sweat you are here:

No one has ever given me anything, what I got I feel mine. I went out of my way, there was always something wrong with me: once the feet, once the height, once they said “yes he’s good, but who knows …”. I’ve never had a problem getting back into the game. I have shown that I can stay in Serie A and deserve the national team ”.


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