Naples, “Future in the balance for Zerbin”

NAPLES ZERBIN – Napoli beat Milan 2-1 in the away match last night at the Rossoneri’s home.

Naples, “Future in the balance for Zerbin”

After the great match of Napoli, who beat Milan 2-1, he also found the top together with Atalanta. One of the substitutes in yesterday’s match, Zerbin, is finding more and more space in the Azzurri who, however, would like to sell him on loan. In fact, in the summer two loan proposals had arrived from Sampdoria and Cremonese, but the Tuscan coach has decided to keep him and now he is enjoying his growth. In this beginning of the season, in addition to the two appearances in Champions League, Zerbin also made his debut in A series. Giuntoli, ds dei partnopei, was very clear with the player’s entourage. The outside is intended, always as reported, to stay in Naples unless important outright offers. Furthermore, now that the winger has remained under Spalletti’s orders, negotiations will begin on the renewal of the contract expiring in 2025. The short-term negotiations should come to the fore, with Zerbin who could have more and more space. Different situation for Gaetano who, at the beginning of January, could return to Cremona.


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