Naples, CdS: “Ndombele in Giuntoli’s thoughts, like Anguissa”

NAPLES, CDS- As the CdS writes, Ndombele is really in the list of possible tracks for the after Fabian Ruiz in a concrete way to date.

Naples, CdS: “Ndombele in Giuntoli’s thoughts, like Anguissa”

“Fabian Ruiz is (virtually) on the road that will lead him to Paris, looking around and recalling the past and certain irrational levities becomes the same thing. The market is a pitfall and also a torment of the soul but now that Fabian is about to disappear, Naples discovers that another like this is complicated to find. Inside that slow-paced midfielder but with a thought (almost) as fast as light, there was an indefinite amplitude ”.

“Amused by central to two; he also did it to three; he indulged himself, and scored, as a left or right winger; launched ground-to-ground missiles from midfield or play; he has found very tight corners of passage; he offered his lucidity to dribble with that left so sweet yet powerful as to be perplexed by the simplicity with which he was played; he covered, shielded, inspired and yet he never managed to make himself completely loved. The most beautiful player of the Under 21 European Championship of 2019, the Andalusian designer, is about to leave and it will be necessary for Cristiano Giuntoli, the diesse, with Maurizio Micheli, the scouting leader, to invent another last minute shot “.

Christian Marangio


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