Naples, CdS: “Raspadori like Mertens, what an inspiration the Belgian”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported today by the CdS, Napoli has really taken the heir of Mertens, Giacomo Raspadori is in love with the Belgian, he wants his path.

“Naples, CdS:” Raspadori like Mertens, what an inspiration the Belgian “

“Mertens approves of his heir and in order not to feel too far away, even at a distance of kilometers, he makes his presence felt through social media. On the day of the presentation of Giacomo Raspadori, for whom Ciro is an idol, the Belgian today at Galatasaray settled down comfortably to listen and read his statements, intrigued by the character and personality of the boy who grew up in Sassuolo who came to Naples to become a man . Mertens commented with a blue heart on a club post that reported his statements, a message that did not go unnoticed and that the striker himself will have appreciated ”.

INSPIRATION. “Mertens himself is the player who inspired Raspadori: «He was the striker who most impressed me in the way he was on the pitch, I’m proud of the comparison, for me it’s a big responsibility. He has done exceptional things, I will try to be on his level with him. Napoli has many strong players, I’ve always admired them on TV, now I’m with them, I want to get to know them immediately to fit in. Osimhen is very strong – said Raspadori -, I can’t wait to help him, a goal or an assist makes no difference to me ». The impact with the city was positive: «Little to say about the warmth of the fans, I’m still young and I’ve never experienced similar situations. Also on Wednesday there was a crazy climate at the stadium, the city is magnificent and I am happy to be able to experience it ».


Naples, CdS: “Fabian Ruiz is the key to Navas”

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Naples, CdS: “Fabian Ruiz is the key to Navas”