Naples, CdS: “Spalletti and the Azzurri restart from the trident”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported today by the CdS, Spalletti’s Napoli changes in an important and clear way all its skin. Important choices for the Italian team, which will be able to say a lot about the next Neapolitan season.

Naples, CdS: “Spalletti and the Azzurri restart from the trident”

Spalletti, on the field, insists with the 4-3-3, the reference form for next season from which to start with ready variations depending on the situations and the interpreters. The team had a double session yesterday. In the morning, unloading work after the friendly win against Perugia, then exercises on set pieces and challenges from the spot. In the afternoon Spalletti, during the tactical exercises, insisted with the three midfielders and the two winger in support of the striker. Olivera, Zielinski and Rrahmani did almost the entire training session in a group. There is great anticipation for the full-back just taken from Getafe who will have the opportunity to show off in the second part of the training camp in Abruzzo. Unloading work, on the other hand, for Osimhen and Ounas. The Nigerian striker gave glimpses of solid understanding with Kvara in the test against Perugia. Speaking of the Georgian, with his talent he entertained the fans present in Dimaro even in training, exalting himself in the same way during the soccer-tennis practice with a nice overhead kick. Applause from the stands. 
PROGRAM. Last day, today, in Trentino, before returning. In the morning training session, then the team will have lunch and, in the early afternoon, the return to Naples is expected. Until Friday the team will be free, the latest Ostigard will train alone to recover and get on par with his teammates as a condition. The second part of the training camp will start on Saturday in Castel di Sangro and will end on 6 August. Four more international friendly matches are scheduled at the Patini stadium against Adana (27 July), Mallorca (31 July), Girona (3 August) and Espanyol (6 August). The debut in the league on August 15 on the field of Verona. “

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