Naples, CdS: “The Georgian and the Nigerian enchant in Dimaro”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported by the CdS today Napoli really gave a great test in the second and last friendly match in Dimaro against Perugia.

Naples, CdS: “The Georgian and the Nigerian enchant in Dimaro”

And then, the first with the turbo trident: Lozano-Osimhen-Kvaratskhelia. But above all the first of Osi and Kvara to act side by side from the beginning, and for a whole time, in what until the new signs of renewed serenity between Spalletti and Politano seemed destined to be the starting trio. Matteo, however, is there. And how: still on target – for the third time in two games – and above all motivated, inspired and systematically dangerous. More polished than Chucky and already very fast: the newest weapon, one might say, of a team launched yesterday with the 4-3-3. In the start and in the recovery. Except for a final with an unprecedented 4-1-4-1, with Demme low top: tests, we’ll see. The present, in the meantime, has told the following notes: the ball already turns quite well especially in the first part, with Lobotka and Fabian to embroider and Anguissa to protect; and travels quickly until the weight of the loads begins to tarnish legs and even ideas. Natural, perfectly normal. As obvious is the need to register something in the defensive phase: some inattention and some trivial lightness daughters of the moment, like on the Perugia goal (Zanoli’s short pushed back in the area), but in general these days it is impossible to draw hasty conclusions. The impressions, however, remain: and are overall discrete. Right from the first flashes of the OK formula. “

Christian Marangio


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