Naples, De Laurentiis: “We are interested in Giovanni Simeone”

NAPLES DE LAURENTIIS – Napoli continues its pre-season, Spalletti’s men have just finished the second day of training in Castel Di Sangro.

Naples, De Laurentiis: “We are interested in Giovanni Simeone”

Aurelio De Laurentiis, spoke to Radio Kiss, talking about various topics including: the farewell of Dries Mertens and the new market objectives. Here are the words of the patron of the Neapolitans:

On Calcio Napoli:

Calcio Napoli is a wonderful idea, it doesn’t need to be fixed. He’s alive, well, nothing has happened on the way. Maybe I was misinterpreted. At one point I made a statement in which I spoke of the ‘vil currency’: the blue shirt must be considered by the fan as their own skin, based on their identity. Whoever comes to play for Napoli must identify with this skin, with this shirt. When at a certain point you see that they disappear and speak only of a salary increase, when they are already privileged, and maybe then they end up in unrecognized leagues (the clear reference is to Ospina, ed) only for ‘vil currency’ you feel bad “.

About Kim Min Jae:

I like the idea of ​​having a Korean. Except he’s a sui generis Korean because he’s 191 centimeters tall. Then I’m interested in marrying the Korean condition with the Neapolitan one, in the South. They are two worlds that can offset each other. One very technological, but always very visually, and the other very true, made up of great suggestions, great philosophies, great cultural contamination. When it arrives? I hoped it would arrive yesterday, but when you negotiate and there are certain lawyers and attorneys involved, contracts are complex, because they ask you for the moon. And you are perplexed. I mean, should I pay him taxes in Korea too? That was in Turkey, so residing in Turkey, probably has to follow Turkish taxation I think. Poor Giuntoli will soon become Tremonti’s assistant (laughs, ed) ”.

Finally, on Dries Mertens:

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to go against the fan’s wish. When the fan tells me ‘Why don’t you keep Mertens?’, I can only answer one thing. Mertens has proposed for another year, because he knows he is 35 and then he has to retire. If he too makes it a matter of vile money only, then I must refuse. If I had to pay a disproportionate amount to Mertens, there would be missing in the forecast budget for the next championship what is needed to take on younger players. Shall we greet him? Yes, I offered him 4 million gross and he refused. So I thanked him, to him, to his son Ciro, to his wife, for all that he has transferred us over the years with all the extraordinary goals scored. But we cannot go against our ability, I have to buy young players who represent Napoli for the next seasons. When we changed all the players, taking the young Mertens and Koulibaly, among others, the fan was doubtful. Even when Cavani arrived, the fan turned up his nose. But how is it that we are so good and everyone becomes extraordinary champions? It will be the air of Naples ”.


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