Naples, Gazzetta: “Blues already run in, what an immersion of Luciano”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports, Napoli really has a great performance right now with all the new players.

Naples, Gazzetta: “Blues already run in, what an immersion of Luciano”

“European podium So there are eleven different Napoli scorers (out of 22 in movement in pink) to underline the excellent work of Luciano Spalletti, who is shaping a group with 10 new players. In the 5 major European leagues, also considering the Cups, only the Germans of Bayern Munich (13) and the French of Rennes (12) have sent more players on the net. And in the list of scorers there is also the sense of the evolution of the blue team and also of the work done for the inclusion of the new ones, five already scored: from the Georgian jewel Kvaratskhelia to the rocky Korean defender Kim, from the Argentine center-forward Simeone to the emerging Raspadori and with the Rangers also the French Ndombele – coming from the Premier League – has taken off the whim, demonstrating the desire to become the protagonist of this Napoli with many solutions. And to reward the quality of Spalletti’s work, here are the summons of coach Roberto Mancini for the national team, with 5 Azzurri called up ”.

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