Naples, Gazzetta: “Spalletti extends on Pioli”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta, Napoli has sent a really important message to the league today.

Naples, Gazzetta: “Spalletti extends on Pioli”

“Everything immediately After 19 ‘, when Osimhen completes his brace, the game has an unchangeable direction: even Wednesday in the cup 16′ was enough for two goals. Napoli has the joy of football inside, and manages to show it as a prized merchandise. When you see Kvaratskhelia cutting from the left to the area, in a Sassuolo exit after a corner, everyone thinks that Mario Rui could draw him diagonally with a magic shot. And the refined Portuguese succeeds: Kvara, always delicious, makes it 3-0. Napoli has the ability to change while remaining equal to itself, Spalletti rotates six other pawns compared to the 3-0 to Rangers, without upsetting. Kvara’s movement from left to center to build the first two goals also resembles some we’ve seen before. Everyone knows that this has to be done, and the bets are successful. Dionisi in April lost here 6-1. To stop A’s best attack he had to try to take away depth from opponents who travel at an average of 104,2 successful passes in the trocar. He can’t. Sassuolo – the best Laurienté, if he hadn’t been expelled in the final – still comes from Meret’s parts on five clear occasions. But the goalkeeper is as ruthless as his forwards ”.

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