Naples, Gazzetta: “Spectacular Azzurri at Maradona”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, Napoli flies home for the umpteenth time with Ajax in a truly brilliant way.

Naples, Gazzetta: “Spectacular Azzurri at Maradona”

“The protagonists The euro-goals are now 17 in four wins, with games not yet closed it is already a record for an Italian in the groups. The variety of occasions remains high, if anyone was missing recently at the goal festival it was Osimhen, who has been out since the beginning of September. Now he joins his team mates in exultation, when he closes the 4-2 in the 90th minute. This, underlined several times, is another big difference with last season. The absence of Osimhen did not slow down the consecutive victories, now there are nine. The Nigerian is not an intruder, far from it, but the beauties of Kvaratskhelia and Raspadori, the intuitions of Zielinski and the arrows of Lozano have removed the label of essential. The Georgian is once again the best, with his old-time football that seemed lost, the dribbles and counter-dribbles disappeared in tactical bonds. Kvara proposes the duel and often wins these one on one who know of matches on the street and turn on the public. It is clear, and we will see, that behind there is also the great work of preparing the action, the mechanisms that Spalletti proposes and makes work. But the enthusiasm for Kvara goes beyond his penalty goal, seventh of the season, or the assist for Raspadori ”.

Christian Marangio


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