Naples, Krol: “Osimhen is very strong”

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NAPLES KROL – Napoli initially kicked off their season. This morning Spalletti’s players held their first training session in front of their fans. In the evening, Luciano Spalletti will hold the first press conference of the season.

Ruud Krol, former Napoli defender, spoke to the microphones of La Gazzetta dello Sport. He spoke primarily of Victor Osimhen and his strength. Here are the words of the defender: “Victor is a very strong player. In recent seasons in Naples he has been unlucky due to injuries. If he is well I’m sure he will score more than 20 goals in the league. And also in the Champions League I’m curious about how he will measure up against the big internationals. Of course, if he played with Mertens close he would find more space and the defenders would not be able to concentrate only on the marking of the center forward ”. Krol also spoke of Koulibaly, here are his statements on the Senegalese: “De Laurentiss does well not to start Koulibaly. He is a heritage of Napoli, which cannot lose it. It takes you years to make certain players mature at the highest international levels, if you then give them away it takes a long time to grow others. Kalidou is very strong. And one of his personality cannot leave after losing Insigne and Mertens. I respect him so much that I criticize him on one thing: he gets too many yellow cards. Because one with his tactical “reading” and speed must sometimes know how to wait and not just try to always anticipate the game. But let’s talk about excellence. Even at the Champions League level “.


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