Naples, Kvaratskhelia: “I want to grow even more”

NAPLES KVARATSKHELIA – Naples in preparation for tomorrow’s away match against Cremonese, an important match for the Azzurri who want to keep the record.

Naples, Kvaratskhelia: “I want to grow even more”

The Napoli striker, Kvicha Kvaratskhelia, spoke to the microphones of the Corriere dello Sport, speaking on many aspects. Here are the words of 77:

A vote for his season:

Easy: 10. It’s a team full of very strong, very good players: if we continue like this, we can even reach higher than everyone thinks. A possible treble? For me, every title, every victory is a dream: in Amsterdam as at the Maradona it was magnificent, but we still have a lot of work to do. All time. Moreover“.

On personal goals:

It’s nice to know that everyone, or at least many, think about Kvaramania, but for this very reason when I play I give my all. One hundred percent. More than the best. I am working a lot to improve and I want to work even more because I still have to learn many things. But one thing is certain: I want to reach the top. I am humble, humility was passed on to me by my parents, I grew up like this. I don’t like those who exaggerate and those who talk too much. I just know that I have to do my best and then people will judge if I have been good or not“.

About Spalletti:

Before coming to Naples he told me many things. We met in Milan, at his home. He is truly a great coach. Very, very good: he looks at me from the outside and he tells me what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. He makes me improve. He is a teacher“.

On the Idols:

As a child and aspiring footballer, certainly Cristiano Ronaldo. Although his first love was Guti from Real Madrid. When I played with friends in Tbilisi, my city, we wore white T-shirts: I wrote his name on the back“.


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