Naples, Meret: “A few words, I want to prove the facts”

NAPLES MERET- Napoli is carrying out intense activity before the departure towards Milan, tomorrow evening at 20:45 there is: Milan-Napoli.

Naples, Meret: “A few words, I want to prove the facts”

Napoli continues to show an optimal game and, after the victory against Rangers, hopes to score points against Milan. One of the protagonists of this start of the season is without a doubt: Alex Meret, interviewed yesterday at Radio Crc. Here are the words of the former Spal goalkeeper:

On the parade against Rangers:

Against Rangers mine was a good save, important for the minute it arrived. The Rangers were pushing a lot and it wasn’t easy because Kim was in front of me and he blocked my view. Their audience was incredible, they pushed from start to finish. Our opponents pushed hard, they had courage. But we have played our game. It was a great test of maturity ”.

On the season:

We have to stay calm, we are still at the beginning. There are many games missing both in the Champions League and in the league. We could have made a few more points, I think about the match played with Lecce. We must continue on this path without getting our heads up ”.

On a complicated summer:

I don’t have many words, I prefer facts. I prefer to let the field talk. Summer was not easy for me, there were so many rumors. But I wanted to focus only on the pitch. Only work pays. I’m happy with how the season started ”. Confirmation: “Off the pitch I’m not one of many words. On the pitch you have to direct your teammates, I’m sorry when it is said that I speak little. This is not the case, then it is clear that all aspects need to be improved “.

Finally, on Kim and Kvara:

“Kim, He impressed me, he has already improved a lot since he arrived. He has a lot of room for improvement, he has incredible physical strength. He is a great head jumper and it is difficult to pass him. I’m happy for him and I hope he continues like this ”. Another new one, Kvaratskhelia, is on the front pages of all the newspapers for the start in a big way: “He is strong, and he can still improve. He has important shots and a wonderful dribble. He can improve in giving us a hand in the defensive phase but when he has the ball he is difficult to mark ”.


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