Naples, Spalletti: “I’m sorry for Osimhen’s stop”

NAPOLI SPALLETTI – Napoli is at work on the eve of the match against Spezia, scheduled for tomorrow at 15:00.

Naples, Spalletti: “I’m sorry for Osimhen’s stop”

The Napoli coach, Luciano Spalletti, held the press conference on the eve of tomorrow’s match against Spezia. The former Roma coach talked about the match against Liverpool and Osimhen’s stop. Here are the words of the Azzurri coach:

On the match against Liverpool:

“Napoli seen with Liverpool, with that courage, I always expect it. The next games will tell us. We want to sow a character to go and reap a destiny. Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to show that we are always the ones seen against Liverpool on Wednesday ”.

On the form:

Possible exchange and Ndombele mezzala? The hypothesis is 4-2-3-1 even if there is Zielinski or Elmas and 4-3-3 even if there is Raspadori and Simeone. It is a step, then the system changes. Raspadori as an attacking midfielder or the midfielder who is the attacking midfielder or the winger does not change much here. Ndombele made a midfielder and a low midfielder, you can ask him both and now he is much better, he is inside the group, jokes with his teammates, accepts the decisions with pleasure, shows this beating on the goal he has, looking straight ahead, he is good at pocketing “.

On turnover:

This victory must be brought home, then other arguments will be made later. I do not want to throw water on the fire to hide something, the potential is many, I try to say that then it takes this character, this willingness to change the color of the shirts from the eyes. If tomorrow morning when they get up they still see red it is wrong, they will have white shirts and a different attitude, so quality will be needed in adapting to the match and to the climate that will surely be different, that climate is difficult to find, in two years I will not I had never seen it. Our attitude will make the difference. Tomorrow is a perfect opportunity to show that we always want to be the same, it’s tomorrow. There is talk of building a consistency of performance, it’s tomorrow “.

About Piotr Zielinski:

He, Lobotka and Anguissa played a great game, the midfield has to manage 70/80% of the game situations. They were excellent in ball recovery and dribbling quality. I have never had great doubts about Zielinski, the player is easily recognizable for the qualities he has, what we said in retirement did him well, that we would have carved out a different role for him, 10 meters behind and without playing from behind. He imagines himself different, but then in the end it is the same because he still gets the ball on him, but so he has more range here. He has this insertion, this constant long run and then he is someone who has a certain confidence with the door ”.


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