Naples, Spalletti: “Simeone and Raspadori are very important for us”

NAPOLI SPALLETTI – Napoli played an intense morning session on the eve of tomorrow’s match against Bologna, valid for the tenth day of Serie A.

Naples, Spalletti: “Simeone and Raspadori are very important for us”

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti spoke on the eve of the match against Bologna. Below, here are the words of the Tuscan coach:

On Bologna:

Each race is a journey into the unknown, the skill is to make it predictable. It may seem tiring but you have to take the ball back and bring it back to the top of the field, you have to take it back every time, this if you don’t do it every time you have been nothing, football works like this, every time you have to restart and do the same even if for some it can be unbearable or tiring, but for my team it seems exciting, it feels alive bringing the ball back there ”.

About Juan Jesus:

We have four strong players in the central players, in the last case I chose so differently from what I did in Cremona because there they threw the ball into the area and Ostigard is one of the strongest I have trained on headers, but Ajax have in front of a little one and we wanted to catch them and we play on the open field, Kudus is very fast and Jesus has important speed and is more suited to cover that field. They are characteristics, who will play depends on the type of game, they are both reliable. In between we need a bit of strength and Ndombele has these characteristics here ”.

On Simeone and Raspadori:

The management is easy, there are 11 players and the squads are made by 25 players. It is important in some positions to have these resources, if we had not had Raspadori and Simeone it would have been hard to win all these matches, now from time to time we will evaluate and take into account the strength of the players. At this moment, for example, Zanoli cannot do Di Lorenzo, but in other situations there is the possibility of changing because perhaps they are the same in strength and experience and they are taken into account without making too many calculations but by looking at the correct attitude. In addition, you are in difficulty in guessing the formation, but they are a resource for me, if you see all the coaches change the 3 in front except those who have more quality than others ”.


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