Napoli, Gazzetta: “Azzurri who are playing and missing the break”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports today, Napoli really gives the turbo to the championship days that are about to arrive.

Napoli, Gazzetta: “Azzurri who are playing and missing the break”

“Napoli have scored 5 more goals than Milan. The overall gap from the opponents in the 8 victories was 16 points, that of Milan 11. This is to say that the path of the Devil in the first 10 days seemed more tiring and suffered. But, from now to the World Cup, the parts could be reversed because the altimetry changes: Spalletti’s road rears up, Pioli’s is much softer. Starting with the next round: Naples in the lair of Rome, fourth alone since yesterday; Milan hosting the Monza of old friends, Berlusconi and Galliani. The opponents that Spalletti will face in the last 5 days of the year add up to 80 points; those of Pioli almost half (44). A notable difference. For Napoli also the thorny trip to Bergamo and Udinese. The worst for Milan, judging by the current standings, will be Torino. Pioli aims to spend Christmas on the head. Spalletti fears that the first missteps and the eventual overtaking could spoil the idyll in progress, in a passionate square, with proverbially fickle moods. See Meret, hero against Liverpool and Milan, and then shot down by social media at the first mistake. This year is also a special year for the World Cup. It is not recommended to drag controversy and negative feelings into the long pause and let them ferment for almost two months “.

Christian Marangio


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