Napoli, Gazzetta: “Osimhen is ready to return to the field”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta Osimhen can really be put in the probable formations with Torino itself.

Napoli, Gazzetta: “Osimhen is ready to return to the field”

“Sprinter fibers Osimhen stopped in the magical night with Liverpool after he had been the nightmare of the Reds defense for 40 ‘, hitting a post, obtaining a penalty which he then missed, however” opening “the length and breadth of the third line of Klopp, the man who always loses in Naples. Second degree injury to the right hamstring, just the classic sprinter injury. It was September 7th and we are talking about 4-5 weeks for complete recovery. “Now we need to re-train him to withstand certain biomechanical stresses – explains the canon doctor on the official radio, Kiss Kiss Napoli -. The week before the Cremonese, October 9, becomes crucial, if next week the progress will be good and the healing of the lesion is complete and we can bring it back to the organic condition and strength values, then from that point the complete healing comes later. some workouts. Victor, among other things, still wears the mask to have that plus of tranquility and protection. Clinically, however, he is completely cured ». In short, no hurry, because a relapse would be unforgivable with 12 games in 43 days, starting next Saturday ”.

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