Napoli, Gazzetta: “Spalletti wants to score 10 against Bologna”

NAPLES, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Napoli tries to win again at Maradona after the last few weeks.

Napoli, Gazzetta: “Spalletti wants to score 10 against Bologna”

“Contagio Spalletti is a bit of a philosopher and strikes a definition he gives about his team:« Every game is a journey into the unknown. If every time you are not able to get the ball to the top on the other side, then you are nobody. But for my group this constant pursuit of goals causes excitement. We wonder how strong we are and this is the most exciting and inspiring thing. The search for awareness of our strengths. This is why management becomes quite simple for me as a coach ». He is convinced that Napoli must improve: «Yes, he can play better than that. Otherwise we would be overwhelmed by euphoria. But then in the standings they are all there within a few points. And this makes us keep our feet on the ground. Just as there is no lack of desire to improve ourselves. Winning many games gives us self-esteem and makes us work with enthusiasm. We will see how we behave and understand where we can get. I like guys the desire to be infected by the strength of their mates. As the attackers chased them back to help the defenders. It would be nice to feel so “inside” this discourse that you can’t do without it. Like those who enter the race and give even more ». As if to say that fun is the basis of training and as long as the team maintains this lightness of mind, it will be difficult for anyone to beat them “.

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