Napoli, Simeone: “That’s why I chose the Azzurri, on Raspadori …”

NAPLES SIMEONE- Napoli is back to work in Castelvolturno, in view of the next seasonal matches, after the 2-1 victory against Milan.

Napoli, Simeone: “That’s why I chose the Azzurri, on Raspadori …”

The Napoli striker, Giovanni Simeone, gave a long interview to “Il Mattino” where he talked about his choice of Azzurra and the relationship with the locker room. Below, here is the full interview of the Cholito:

On Naples:

It feels good, with your feet on the ground. This thing of being up there both in the league and in the Champions League just makes me want to continue like this, aware that this is the right path. We are calm and the idea of ​​always having to improve gives us even more strength. Why did I choose Napoli? There was something special, almost magical, from the first moment they told me about Naples. I felt positive vibes inside me, a craving to wear this shirt. I had other temptations this summer but nobody gave me that emotion that the word Naples gave me. There is joy to be here. And all this gives me a daily strength. I am a sensitive person, I perceive positive energies, I live by capturing what is positive around me and I am able to separate it from what is negative. And Naples but immediately given a shock: here I had to come. I believe in the power of energy, the world and the universe are in motion and we are all people who move within these vibrations sensing whether or not they are in tune with the right thing to do. I believe in what I am doing. And wanting and believing are always stronger than anything. There are many strong teams like Napoli but it is the desire that then decides who wins.

About Osimhen:

Di Osi is difficult to copy his speed and his conclusion in speed: he has an incomparable running shot ”.

About Giacomo Raspadori:

I love Jack’s creativity, his stops, his touches, his elegance. Jack and I are the latest arrivals and we have found a group that is already very solid and compact, which has shown to have a great desire. And this will is always the basic condition to be able to achieve the results we have achieved in these first weeks. Then, you know, it is always the results that give value to things “.

About Luciano Spalletti:

He is a person who studies everything about a player, both as a person and as a footballer. He watches every movement you make, he is attentive: he works to always put you in a position to be able to give your best in every moment. He doesn’t think about the individual, he thinks about the team, about what the individual can give to the team. Which is the thing that matters most to him ”.


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