Napoli, Spalletti: “Tomorrow’s match will be difficult, I won’t change much”

NAPLES SPALLETTI – Intense morning finish for Napoli which, in the next few hours, will leave in view of Maradona. At 15:00, the Azzurri will open the eighth matchday of Serie A against Torino.

Napoli, Spalletti: “Tomorrow’s match will be difficult, I won’t change much”

The Napoli coach, Luciano Spalletti, held the press conference on the eve of the match against Torino. Below, here are the words of Mr. Azzurro:

About Lozano:

When our team go to the national team, we follow them day by day, it was also good for someone to play these games because they had played a little less with us. Someone having played the double match with the national team, doing a good football, followed up the conversation with Napoli, the national team played two very good matches. We had no injuries and we followed up on the work, then on the possibility of training together we have our speech in focus and it takes very little to recall it and this morning I saw them all very present with their heads. Despite national teams and travels, we are ready for the match ”.

On the Championship and the Champions League:

Every game serves to remind us we are strong or not, it is a discourse that goes beyond the evaluation of a race, the path will be long and difficult and every time we have to do the same things again, constant commitment is needed not only for the result but for as regards developing every single workout, with the correct attitudes to have continuity in the long term. I’ve never seen championships awarded in September, but always in June and there is a long way to go ”.

On the choice in attack, between Simeone and Raspadori:

Both and both will play, then you decide whether to make a 60 or a 30 starter, if the 30 player then determines the game, highlights a quality of choice and moment that surpasses the importance of playing from the beginning for 60 ‘. This discourse on who plays more or less must be addressed in the right way, to get to do that long path we must have people in condition, stimulated, it is not easy then to play a game after months and must be used with the 5 changes. We play again on Tuesday so even writing who is the owner and the other is not, it changes little … we have them 2 for 90 ‘and then another 90’ on Tuesday and we will use them together, they are two owners. Then when one snatches for 70 ‘, another is needed, whoever plays 20 is perhaps the one who makes us win ”.


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