Rome, Gazzetta: “La Joya takes the Giallorossi to the top, but not only”

ROME, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Mou’s Rome really gives the idea of ​​being a great pitfall.

Rome, Gazzetta: “La Joya takes the Giallorossi to the top, but not only”

“The world is beautiful from above. So much so that the Roma fans dust off the old chorus: “We will win the tricolor”. The impression, in fact, is that this is not just a late summer dream. José Mourinho’s team has strength, has choices, has talent, but above all it has Joya, that is Paulo Dybala who perhaps – in different ways – Juventus and Inter left too soon and who this time reminds everyone of his infinite talent.

Thundering in 32 ‘an annihilating brace for Monza, which at the end greets the Olimpico sold out with a 3-0 passive after Ibanez’s last goal. Of course, football is a team game, but also of class and willpower, so the Argentine who had set his hundredth goal in Serie A as his goal since the beginning of the championship, took 4 games to reach the finish line, shaking himself off also the psychological weight of the first goal in the Giallorossi which in some way weighed down his heart ”.

For this reason, in front of her mother Alicia and her girlfriend Oriana, Joya shifts the inertia of the championship towards the Tiber, waiting for Naples, Lazio, Atalanta and Turin to respond between today and tomorrow. On the other hand, thanks to 10 points, to remember a better start you have to go back 8 years, when Rudi Garcia’s Giallorossi were in full swing in their row of 10 victories in the first 10. But in a football that only grinds topicality. It seems sentimental archeology in a Romanist world that has started to rise again, even if Stroppa’s team – in the balance – surrenders itself to the opponent with tacky errors ”.

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