Salernitana, Iervolino: “Nicola has been confirmed”

SALERNITANA IERVOLINO- Salernitana immediately returned to work after the hard 5-0 defeat against Sassuolo on Sunday.

Salernitana, Iervolino: “Nicola has been confirmed”

The president of Salernitana, Danilo Iervolino, spoke to the microphones of Lira TV, where he spoke about the hard moment in the Campana house. Here are the statements of the patron from Salerno:

About Nicola:

“Nicola is the coach of Salernitana, I heard both him and the sporting director and the responsibilities are widespread. There are things to record, let’s look to the next game. We renewed our trust in him, it was he who brought us to salvation. This year we had a very good start, I invite you to reflect: 225 minutes ago, that is, from the first half against Juventus, we were in the high rankings and our game was pontificated at national level. Then black darkness, with the defeat at home to Lecce and yesterday’s 0-5. It seems that the good things have been said have almost been canceled. Balance is needed, I repeat, but the alarm bell is serious. Before yesterday’s game I said that our strength was the midfield, after yesterday I’m reflecting and evaluating. We have a lot of quality, but Bohinen’s absence weighs heavily and he’s not a replaceable guy. But I don’t want an excuse, all teams lack players. The coach has an eclectic vision of football and does not seem rigid and orthodox to me as they say. If he wants to change form he will be able to do it because the characteristics allow it, the team is ready to play in various forms. Confidence? Whatever I answered I could be denied in 10-15 days. Football is dynamic, trust always comes from results and performance. When things don’t go there is a moral obligation to change. If we lost 10-0 to Verona, obviously reasoning absurdly, it is clear that more than one explanation would be needed. It is a full, heartfelt, authentic and genuine trust ”.

On De Sanctis:

“After the match against Parma, our coach sounded an alarm bell, no one made a controversy. Hypocrisy must not belong to us, things can be said in the heat that go towards the accusation but then clarifications follow. It is football, the judgments do not necessarily have to converge 100% and be imbued with honey and rhetoric. I don’t see anything wrong with it, they are smart and successful men who have had a great clarification today. Of course, the Salernitana was long, it had no energy or intensity and in this way we lose what is our strength. The debacle derives above all from this, in my opinion we have to record a lot in all departments, even moving back the center of gravity. We have players of great technique who must be put in a position to express themselves. Now we have found serenity, we have compared and now it’s up to everyone to work and make a result next Sunday. But I make everyone responsible “.


Fortunato Condinno

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