Sampdoria, Giampaolo: “We are a team with an identity”

SAMPDORIA GIAMPAOLO – Sampdoria completed this morning for the match, the only derby of the season, against Spezia scheduled for tonight.

Sampdoria, Giampaolo: “We are a team with an identity”

On the eve of the match against Spezia, the Sampdoria coach, Marco Giampaolo, made statements in the customary press conference. He talked about Colley’s recovery, the match against Milan and the desire to get back to scoring points. Here are the words of the Ligurian coach:

On the Spice:

Spezia is a team with an identity, they played the same games as Sampdoria, the difference is that they scored three points more. In terms of performance, we have always performed well. We pay the two points in the standings, but I have had positive feedback. Obviously in football the results, the numbers count, it is a heavy game, very important. We worked well, but what matters are mental activation, anger, determination, attention, personality, audacity. These are all things that make the difference that every human being carries inside. The emotional aspect will be decisive. I hope that the team can play an ambitious match for itself and for the jersey it wears ”.

On the match against Milan:

After the draw the team was broken up. It seemed he could take that positive inertia, but it took us a while to find the positions and find the conditions to boast of numerical superiority. We succeeded slowly, not immediately. The 2-1 goal put us in a position to be in a hurry. After the 1-1 draw, Milan changed something defensively, we were on the right path to attack them ”.

On the expulsion remitted last Saturday:

I paid for honesty, for saying how things went. The first warning came from a not blatant protest, I did not send the referee to that country. I protested that it was not a yellow card for me. He warned me and from there … I’m not a repeat offender, it could have been done better. They could only give me one day, it would be okay. I don’t create problems, on Sundays I don’t argue with the referee and I only follow my team ”.

On Colley:

He recovered, trained this morning and played a game. Bites and pieces .. he will be summoned “.


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