Sassuolo- Dionisi, Gazzetta: “Berardi is increasingly a leader”

SASSUOLO- DIONISI, GAZZETTA- La Gazzetta had a great interview with Dionisi, the Sassuolo coach after the defeat against Modena.

Sassuolo- Dionisi, Gazzetta: “Berardi is increasingly a leader”


Dionisi, so you’re not worried?

“Worried is not the right word. I don’t take anything for granted. We need to renew ambition and stimuli. We are not starting from last year’s 50 points, from the 64 goals scored and the 66 conceded. Let’s start with the defeat against Modena in the Italian Cup. We must not make comparisons with the previous Sassuolo, but with the potential of this. I would like to repeat at least the same path, but, for example, I know that winning again at Milan, Inter and Juve will be impossible. At least so the story goes. And then we have to find those points elsewhere. With the right spirit and daily work we can take away other satisfactions ».

What do you respond to a player who asks you to leave?

«I take note of it, but I tell him to show me on the field what he is worth until the last day he stays with me. I try to get inside the players’ heads, to understand the moment they are living. But now this aspect is part of my job. I have to bring out the best from the player, but first of all from the person inside the player ».

What happened against Modena?

«I didn’t like the attitude: first casual approach, then excessive nervousness. I didn’t see any negative signs in training, but sometimes certain things happen. It was a precious teaching ».

In a different team than the one he found a year ago, can he affect even more?

«A coach must adapt to the context and to the team. Already last year we changed something by growing in terms of finalization and compactness. Now we want to become a better team, which doesn’t mean getting more points. I want to pass the concept that you do not live in the past, otherwise we will get a lot of beating on the teeth. For example, by working on the details and defending better as a team we can concede fewer goals ».

A look at the new ones?

«In defense Chiriches went away, who was important in the locker room, and Erlic arrived who has great motivations and will be important because he knows our championship and has grown. In midfield we took Thorstvedt who is not as ready as Erlic, but he is a soldier and adds physicality to our department ».

What does the attack without Scamacca lose?

«Technique and athletic presence. Agustin Alvarez is younger, he comes from South America and needs time. However, he is ambitious and available ».

Pinamonti makes the visits today. Are you happy with your arrival (not yet official)?

«He would be the ideal substitute for Scamacca: he too is young and will want to prove his worth. He is a complete first striker who fills the area and knows how to play with his teammates ».

Does Berardi have more and more responsibilities?

“Each year is stronger than the previous one. He surprises me day after day, I find him more and more mature ».

Last year you went to Juventus with the conviction that you could play it evenly and you won. Is it different now?

«I don’t care about the difficult moment, we have the qualities to put any team in difficulty. Juve at home usually does not make a mistake in their debut and the Scudetto will be played with the Milanese. But it is time to raise your ears: underdogs yes, sacrificial victims no ».

Will the basic module be 4-3-3?

“Yes for now. We have to fill the area more and then regroup better in the defensive phase ».

And its renewal?

«Now the club has to deal with player contracts. Then, closed the market, we will talk about it. The relationship with the managers is excellent and I am calm ».

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