SPRING – Inter beat Roma in extra time and win the championship

ROME SPRING DE ROSSI – Alberto The Rossi, coach of Roma Primavera, made some statements, to the microphones of Sportitalia, before the kick-off of the final between Inter and Roma. Here is what was stated.

Rome, De Rossi: “I’ve been in Rome for 29 years, it’s a source of pride and I say it with pride”

“The final act of an exciting season, a classic against Inter, first against second … These two clubs strongly believe in the youth sector, in developing a path to bring players to the First Team. The last two years have been incredible, even Cagliari, Juventus and others have had a great championship. Never scudetto final between Roma and Inter … True, but there is always a first time. I would underline the Cagliari championship, the last three years of Cagliari have had an exponential growth. We and Inter are proposing ourselves again and it is a pleasure, there is a great relationship. The first time in 1993 …29 years that are in Rome. It is a source of pride, the difference made her being a Romanist, I say this with pride. Then the vocation that led me to stay in the sector, if you are there to then train adults becomes a hybrid, the kids don’t grow up and you don’t grow up. It is not easy to have this vocation, this desire, this passion, a good salary, because this makes the difference. These are all things that led me to do this exceptional ride “.

SPRING – Inter beat Roma in extra time and win the championship

Roma took the lead with Javier Vicario in the 70th minute. Inter equalized the score 10 minutes from the end with Casadei. The match will be decided in extra time where a goal from Nikola Iliev will lead the Nerazzurri to triumph with a score of 2-1. Nothing to do for the leaders Rome, who had closed in the regular season at 71 points.

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Calciomercato Napoli, Parisi: “Senesi is on the club’s radar, but the offer was made to Koulibaly. The company does not want to sell its samples, but if offers arrive, they are evaluated “

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Nazionale, Bezzi: “It is no coincidence that Italy has not gone to the world championship for 8 years. Changes are needed, starting with the youth sectors and the nursery “

Under 21, Zanoli: “Being here was one of my goals. Spalletti? He strongly believes in young people. About the future … “