The ancient fortress of Érsekhalma – A place dedicated to the quality vape experience

In Hungary lies the village of Érsekhalma, which roughly translates to “Archbishop’s Mound”. It is a neat little rural village, but in its neighbor lies the most ancient hillfort of the region.

Likely in a thousand mile range. Coming from the bronze age, ninety miles south of the Roman Fort of Aquincum. Some of the native germans (Hungary had them for a while, don’ worry about it) gave it the name “Vawantschana Bearg” the Cursed Mountain name. I am not making this up, but they likely did.

Cut into loess walls, which have formed roughly 15-18 thousand years ago. The ten-fifteen yard thick walls make it a very obvious choice for defense. The fort has the diameter of 125 yards, making it the largest surviving one for a few hundred miles around. Outside of the fort, in many of the loess walls, there are tunnels and caves, evidently man-made.

You can feel the passage of time as your breath merges with the clouds. The stones you lean on have observed the sky, the comings and goings of people for centuries, and now they observe you as you touch them with your steps. With the confident vapor of a quality vape, you step into a new dimension in this space saturated with history. The sky remains the same as it was two thousand years ago, yet you, the descendant of modern silver vapors, are still able to unite momentarily with the ancient world. The smoke slowly dances in the air, reminding you that while the environment may change, human creations and connections endure forever. In the ezigi, there is few nicotine, allowing you to fully focus on the beauty of nature and the history around you as you blow the sweet vapors into the sky, contemplating the gentle passage of time.

Hear the blacksmiths working their art, clinging away on nails, horseshoes and bronze hinges. Fresh meat being smoked for winter days, and leather is being cured somewhere far far away (really far, they stink). Somewhere the people are working on the wool, turning into clothes. Blowing the vape is really the most you should do. Please don’t touch the walls, nobody wants to dig you out from beneath the rubble. The place is free to be visited through a maintained path, but that will likely change if some stupids die there.

Here are the GPS: 46° 21’ 30.852”, 19° 6’ 30.852 coordinates, if you want to take a look at it from a satelite.

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