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Serie A tickets are always in great demand and matches sell out quickly. A Priority Points scheme is used to release tickets in phases to fans who already hold a certain number of points, based on their attendance at previous matches.

Tickets are rarely available on general sale, although occasionally hospitality options might be an option for supporters who don’t qualify to buy under the Priority Points scheme.

Free Ticket Under 14

Torino Football Club wishes to announce the information regarding how an UNDER 14 can obtain a free ticket.

The people interested will be able to apply directly on our website
We wish to remind everyone to print a copy of the acquired tickets and to bring a valid ID document which will be shown prior to the entrance to the stadium. Only one free ticket will be released for every adult that accompanies them.

NOTE. Season ticket holders cannot take advantage of this promo. This promotion is valid only for the Curva Primavera while seats last.

The adult, which has to be of legal age, will have to chaperone the minor for the whole duration of the match. With that said, the minors who are not accompanied by an adult will not be able to enter the stadium, even if they correctly hold the UNDER 14 ticket. The matches of the 2018/2019 Season that adhere to this promo are:

Torino vs Fiorentina
Torino vs Frosinone
Torino vs Parma
Torino vs Genoa
Torino vs Empoli
Torino vs Udinese
Torino vs Atalanta
Torino vs Chievo
Torino vs Bologna
Torino vs Sampdoria
Torino vs Cagliari
Torino vs Sassuolo
Torino vs Lazio

Cuore Granata Card

The Fidelity Card CUORE GRANATA is an indispensable tool for a Torino fan to obtain a season ticket in a quick way, also allowing for the away
What is the CUORE GRANATA card?
The CUORE GRANATAcard was born to facilitate the entrance to the stadium and also to load all of the data regarding your season ticket and the entrance data for the games of Torino. Buying a season ticket (or even a ticket) will also load your data on your Cuore Granata card and you will receive a reminder with the directions for your seat.

For the away games, in case of matches subjected to a limited sale by the Osservatorio sulle Manifestazioni Sportive, with your Cuore Granata card you’ll be able to follow Torino in the “away sector” of other stadiums

Where and how to request it


It’s possible to obtain the Cuore Granata card at the ticket office of the Stadio Olimpico during the weekly hours of the ticket office (10-13 and 14-18). To sign up, the physical presence of the person requesting the card is necessary, even if underage (accompanied by a parent), with a valid id card. The cost of the Card is of 10 euro and it lasts 10 years. Please note that during the home games it’s not possible to subscribe to the Fidelity Card of the stadium’s ticket office


It’s possible to request the card online: go to the website Vivaticket and follow the indicated procedure. .
The card will be mailed to the address that you indicated (Mailing costs will be applied).

Reasons for exclusion

The Card will not be given to those who:

Have received a measure of D.A.SPO who have been convicted even in the first degree for “stadium-related crimes” in the last 5 years, or who are under preventive measure (i.e. under close supervision).
Have violated the Regulations Governing Rules of Torino F.C. S.p.A.


Who can obtain a CUORE GRANATA card?

Those who are not subjected to a D.A.SPO., that haven’t been convicted even in the first degree for “stadium-related crimes” in the last 5 years and who aren’t under preventive measures, such as who are under close supervision.

Is the CUORE GRANATA a type of credit card?

No. The discretion is of the Clubs to choose which components to insert. Torino has chosen to use it as a fidelization tool for the acquisition of season tickets and in case of limitations of the number of tickets available for the away games by the Osservatorio sulle Manifestazioni Sportive.

Is mandatory to have the card CUORE GRANATA for home and away matches?

No. It’s not necessary for the home games. In the case of away games it’s not necessary either unless there are particular restrictions by the Osservatorio della Manifestazioni Sportive or by the Gos.

If I lose the CUORE GRANATA card or if it’s stolen can I have a double?

The release of a new card costs 10,00 euros. It’s necessary to go to the Stadium Ticket Office of Torino F.C. with a declaration of loss or theft in order to cancel the prior card and obtain a new one. The stolen or lost card will then be deactivated (inserted in a blacklist) and will not, even in case of renewal, be re-utilized.

Can a fan have more than one CUORE GRANATA card?

No, no one can hold more than one CUORE GRANATA card.

Can minors request the CUORE GRANATA card?

A minor can request the CUORE GRANATA card, as long as a parent (or legal guardian) subscribes and supplies the needed information. Moreover, it’s necessary to present a valid id card of the parent (or legal guardian) along with an id card of the minor (white card, passport, or birth certificate). A Codice Fiscale/Tessera Sanitaria is not considered a valid document.

Is it necessary to obtain a CUORE GRANATA card to access the seats reserved for the disabled?

No, it’s mandatory only in the case of a season ticket.

Does the helper of a disabled person need a CUORE GRANATA card?

No, even the seat of the helper is guaranteed.

Can a foreign citizen, even if here for tourism, buy a ticket to see a game without a fan card (tessera del tifoso)?

Yes, they can regularly buy a ticket, even without a Fidelity Card.

Does an Italian citizen resident abroad who, on vacation in Torino, wishes to buy a single ticket, need the card?

No, it’s not necessary. They can buy a ticket for any seat in the stadium.

Procedure for changing the user

In compliance with current legislation (Internal Ministerial Decree of 6 June 2005), it is necessary to ascertain the identity of the users of the admission tickets (season tickets/tickets): whoever enters the stadium using irregular tickets is subject to the penalties provided for by law.

On this page it is possible to change the user to a person other than the one indicated on the stadium admission ticket: the operation has an immediate effect if concluded positively.

Media Accreditations

Torino Football Club announces that requests for media accreditation/photographers/radio operators – tv, for the home games will be sent: :

within 6 p.m. Tuesday before the race;
for midweek games on Wednesday, and Friday before 6 p.m.;
It is recommended in all cases to verify, in the news section of the website, notices in the days before the match for any changes.

The request, in accordance with the Regulation LNP must comply with the following rules:

Build on letterhead
Signature of the Director responsible
Name, surname, date and place of birth of applicants
A simple indication of the identity card and registration on the order of the journalist
Any ownership of CONI journalistic card
Contact of the editorial office (telephone, fax, e-mail address)
Requests should be sent by email to the press office ONLY to
(exclusively for requests regarding JOURNALIST – PHOTOGRAPHERS – RADIO OPERATORS AND TV)

All requests received after the prescribed time limit will not be considered automatically.

Holders of accreditation will be able to withdraw their entrance ticket at the accreditation box office to the Olympic Grande Torino Stadium (corso Agnelli, grandstand side) on the day of the match.

Terms and Conditions

The Ministry of the Interior, through the National Observatory on Sports Events formed on March 8, 2007, issued a series of rules to which all the fans and the company Torino Fc must comply. The rules concerning the display of banners, the choreography, and the means of sound.

The determination of the National Observatory On Sporting Events nr.14/2007 of March 08, 2007 states as follows:

It is forbidden to bring in all the sports banners and any other similar material including that for the choreography unless expressly authorized. Drums and other means of sound diffusion (eg megaphones) are also prohibited.

Rules for the introduction of approved material

Banners and flags

It will be possible to introduce and expose banners containing writing in support of their team for the match on the program within the limits established by sports clubs. You must submit at least 7 days before the running of the event, a special request, also by fax or e-mail to the company organizing the match, indicating your data. To this end, you need to specify:

  • the size and material used for the realization;
  • the content and graphics summarized in special photographic documentation;
  • the specific area in which it will be exposed.
  • The same rules should be applied to the flags, except those bearing only the corporate colors of their team and those of the States represented in the field.

To flag means a cloth of rectangular shape, attached to one of the shorter sides of an auction, the latter if permitted by law.


For the choreography, as well as submit at least 7 days before the running of the match-specific instance also by fax or e-mail to the company that organizes the meeting providing its full generality, shall specify the manner and timing of implementation, meaning that this activity will still have to finish before the start of the match.

Torino FC in relation to the already mentioned need to take care of the “quality of the show,” assessed the available space upstream and downstream of the stands (railings), with the exclusion of those in the audience, inform, without delay, of the petition received on Director of the GOS or, for the stages below the capacity established by the existing regulatory framework, the Cabinet Office of Police who, also acquired for short routes to the opinion of the Administrations concerned (Fire Brigade and, if present, Chief of the Steward) they shall proceed no later than 5 days before the holding of the match, to give its ‘no objection’, provided that:

  • applicants are identified exposure to the material or the completion of the choreography;
  • within the group identified by the material are one or more persons subject to the prohibition of access to sports facilities;
  • there are no impediments in terms of order and public safety;
  • there are no impediments under the terms of protecting public safety and fire safety.
  • The permission may be granted for the entire season and be revoked, without prejudice to the rights of the company which granted the authorization, if one or more members of the group are affected by Daspo or may be responsible for episodes of intemperance or violations of the requirements under the Regulations for Use; It ‘still prohibited to display material whose size makes visibility to other fans much to force them to stand upright.

Drum and megaphones

Drums and other means of sound diffusion (eg megaphones) are prohibited.

Rules for the introduction of approved material

Torino FC, which is delegated for any verification activities regarding the specific matter. will inform the decisions made in writing to the applicant with the notice:

  • the authorized material must be introduced into the stadium at least 1 hour before the opening of the gates, the access opening specifying;
  • will not be allowed entry of material, even if authorized, after the public opening of the gates;
  • banners may be posted only in the space specifically assigned by the company, which must then verify the requirements with their staff;
  • the display of material different from that authorized will result in immediate removal from the installation and removal of the offenders which can be applied to the rules relating to the prohibition of access to sports facilities and, revoked the permission to display the banner identifier club membership;
  • the material authorized must be removed at the end of the outflow and, if required through the communication system sound, presented in its entirety at the gate indicated..

How to send a request for the Torino FC home games

To send a request to the company to show a banner or choreography you will need:

  • specify the size and material used for the construction of the banner;
  • attach a photo of the banner;
  • indicate the area where the banner will be displayed.
  • Download attachments in the website and compile them in their entirety in a clear and readable

Rules for the Compilation

Compile the Request Form

Requests should be sent ​​to Torino Fc

fax N. 011.19700349


starting from 9:00 am on the 10th (tenth) working day prior to the date on which the race will be held and by 18.00 the 7th (seventh) working day prior to the date of the event.

How to send a request for the away games of Torino

All those who want to exhibit banners on the occasion of the away games of Torino must apply directly to the organizing companies.

The manner, timing, and required documentation can be viewed on the website of the host society.


In accordance with art. 12 of the Codes of the Sport Justice of the F.I.G.C. (as modified by the Notification of the F.I.G.C. n. 15 of 03.07.2018 and of the Circular of the F.I.G.C. n. 15 of 05.08.2018) Torino FC has adopted the “Conditions of Approval”.

Starting next season, Torino FC SpA intends to promote a new management model for sport-related competitions, in order to regain a social dimension to the game of football, seen as a tool for education and civility but also as a coming together and integration, done by overcoming the differences among individuals or groups.

By using the “Conditions of Approval”, which will be integrated with the Regulations Governing Use of the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, the Club intends to share with its fans and participants the ethical and behavioral principles to which we give a primary value, in addition to all the actions that will be taken by Torino FC towards those who will hold behaviors not in accordance with the relative predictions or that in general can damage the image or reputation of Torino FC.

All of the recipients are required to respect the Conditions of Approval and the Regulations Governing Use, that form an integral and substantial part of the rules and terms of the Club with each participant.


Where can I buy tickets for the home games of the Torino?

Tickets for home matches can be purchased on, at all authorized outlets Ticketone or from two hours before the match at the box office of the Olympic Stadium in Corse Sebastopoli and Corso Agnelli.

Can I choose the place at the time of ticket purchase?

You can choose your seat both at the point of sale, whether on the Internet. There is also the method of choice of the best available seat in which the seat is automatically allocated by the system.

What documents must be presented at the time of purchase?

Documents valid for the purchase of coupons are: Identity Card, Driving License, Passport.

Where can I buy tickets for away matches of Torino?

For away games how to purchase vary according to the ticket office manager of the host society. Check how to purchase which will be published the week before the match on the website. To purchase the “Guests area” You must show the card’s fan to be able to make the purchase.

Can I buy tickets for guests sector on the day of the race?

No, the sales for the guests’ sector end at 19:00 on the day before the match. The sale or transfer of securities of access to guests’ sector is forbidden.

How many tickets can be purchased at most for only one person?

According to the regulation, any person may purchase up to 4 tickets.

If I purchase a ticket and then I cannot use it, how can I transfer my ticket to another person?

You have to make a “name change”. For the procedure click here

How many times I can change the owner of the ticket?

Whenever necessary, of course, just make the change via the website

I am a subscriber in one area, a friend of mine in another, can we watch the game together?

No, the current regulations categorically exclude the change of place or area from the one indicated on the ticket/card.

Can I ask for a refund of the coupon if I can not go to the stadium?

No, in the case of cancellation no refund is possible, nor the price of the ticket or any additional fees.

A disabled person who needs a place with a wheelchair, how can apply for tickets?

It can make a request with the form provided here. To get the credit you need to have a disability to 100%. In addition to the disabled is also provided free access for the carer.

Up to what age children do not pay at the stadium?

Up to 6 year-old children do not pay because they are not entitled to a seat. From 6 to 16 years instead of the rate is reduced. Access is always subject to the presentation of an identity document (or the Tax Code/health card).

Even for the minor must present a document.

Yes, identity card or certificate of identity or the Tax Code.

Have I to show proof upon entering the stadium?

All supporters will show up at the stadium accompanied by a valid identity document (with photo), which may be required by the service staff and the forces of order.

Can I get out of the stadium and come back later during the game?

No, access to the stadium is only permitted for a single transit from the turnstiles. Once out is not allowed, therefore, fall within the sector.

The Fan’s Decalogue

Carry a valid identity document always, to produce upon request of authorized personnel. According to local regulations, proof of identity is not allowed nor the purchase of a ticket or access to the stadium.

If you arrive at the stadium with a child, remember to bring a valid identification document for him. The admission ticket at a reduced price must be purchased on behalf of the child

Bring the title of access (ticket or season ticket) valid for the race

Inquire in advance through press releases published on the website of Torino FC, on newspapers and on local newspapers of any schedule changes, alterations or news

Get to the stadium well in advance always, the gates are open two and half hours before the start of the match.

Control with metal detectors are provided in all gates. weapons, knives, bottles, glassware, cans and other containers appropriate to the offense of the person, lighters, tools, coins, rods, sticks, belt buckles large are prohibited

Do not bring drums, bullhorns or other sound instruments. They are prohibited under the new legislation.

Follow the directions on the turnstiles or as communicated by the steward for the correct insertion of admission.

Follow the signs to arrive at the right place, or ask the steward/stewardess, to avoid queuing in the wrong section.

Rejoice and despair for the football team but in a civil manner and with the big heart that characterizes the supporters of Torino!

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