Turin, Gazzetta: “Grenade for the Inter collapse in Milan”

TORINO, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Torino tries the feat in San Siro to give the final challenge to Inzaghi, who is currently at risk.

Turin, Gazzetta: “Grenade for the Inter collapse in Milan”

“First time Toro illuminated, therefore, by the Croatian genius to explode the strengthening of Sanabria and Pellegri. It will be the grenade relay: technique and power, sides and depth. Two different ways of being 9: Sanabria starts, in the second half the push of 1992-year-old Pellegri. It will be Vlasic above all to launch the Bull on the attack. He who will enter San Siro for the first time with the grenade shirt, back from three goals in the last three games. He will try, needless to say, to confirm this bomber pace. Someone reminded him that the last player in Toro’s first year to have scored at least four goals in the first six Serie A games was the Uruguayan Carlos Aguilera, aka Pato, in the 93-XNUMX season. He smiled, nodded and a little whispered promise seems to have made it. His will be a first time without great emotions. The footballer Vlasic is too experienced, the personality of the man Nikola too “solid” to be infected by the atmosphere. He has dragged the Bull to this day, he intends to keep doing it. San Siro is still an exam. But he does not suffer from the top clashes, so much so that, at Atalanta, he was one of the best. He will have to double work: he will have to be the guide in the offensive game, tactically he will have to link the departments. It is no mystery that the Bull plays shaped on the opponent, he was given the mission to follow Brozovic when he has the ball at his feet ”.

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