Turin, Juric: “Sanabria will be out, on Rodriguez ..”

TORINO JURIC – Torino underwent an intense refinement this morning on the eve of the match against Bologna, scheduled for tomorrow at lunchtime.

Turin, Juric: “Sanabria will be out, on Rodriguez ..”

The Turin coach, Ivan Juric, held the usual press conference on the eve of the match against Bologna, valid for the thirteenth day of Serie A. Below, here are the words of the Serbian coach:

About Thiago Motta:

He has a different background, he was influenced by Gasp but also influenced by other technicians. I didn’t think he was a coach, he was a wild fool. He is a great person, at a football level he changed me a lot together with Milito: for the first time I was seeing players of the genre up close. It is often not clear what a great player is. I say that one is not top, but because I saw it live: I lived it with Thiago and Milito, they were top. Motta made the first possession after two months and then silence fell, we had seen an extraterrestrial. He was an absolute champion as a vision of the game and many other things. It was a good team, but with him and Milito we made the leap in quality with 68 points and fantastic football. The champions have a different touch of the ball, as well as a mentality: Thiago was particular, he was not a top in certain things, but he had a unique competitiveness. He was really strong ”.

About Pellegri:

He needs to improve in everything, we are at very low levels: ball defense, finalization with the left foot, there are a lot of things to do. But it has potential, it’s worth wasting time working and being patient. If he gets better, he becomes fantastic: it takes years, in addition to his will. But others don’t have its potential, it’s starting to show it now. It’s not a one-month process, but it has the foundation to get really strong. He has the potential to be a top but he is at 10%: he can become a strong player, like the Rooster of the heyday. He has power, but he needs to improve his movements, his left foot and his defense of the ball. Others are excellent players, but top is another thing: Pellegri is not like Milito, but he can get to be really strong “.

About Sanabria:

He is outside, he has a problem with the soleus that torments him and drags him along ”.

Fortunato Condinno

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