USMNT, the Promise: when soccer becomes football

The United States is famous for the NFL and the NBA, certainly not for football, which in their part is called soccer. But what happens if the best generation of stars and stripes starts to win, and boasts an ambitious Promise?

United States Team
United States Team

Call him Soccer

Talking about football in the United States of America means referring to a sport in a precise, incontrovertible way. Only that it might unsettle our conception of national discipline, since the ball is oval, the players use all the limbs available, various protections and beatings make a difference – and not only on the referee’s notebook. Historically, the balloon with stars and stripes is the deformed one, or orange to put in a basket: certainly not what we love all over Europe. This is demonstrated by the fact that football in America is called soccer, almost to distinguish a thing that comes well from one in which one barely exceeds mediocrity.

But if the hard and grim world of the NFL will never give up its place on the Olympus US, it is not said that football will remain to collect the grain at the foot of the “Epic Mountain”. Its surge in recent years is before the eyes of all and it is enough to retrace the timeline to understand how it has taken a decisive step. Until a few years ago, in MLS landed only and exclusively footballers at the end of their career, which mixed with athletes in the physique but not in the feet, exited from the colleges scattered throughout the fifty states. Today, Europe is entering the American market and fully exploits the mechanism of the importation of talents. Ajax played it with Sergino Dest, today at Barcelona, Schalke with the current Juventus Mckennie, Borussia and Chelsea with Reyna and Pulisic and Leipzig, who can count on Tyler Adams. And again, Roma going to catch Reynolds from Dallas and the best of all, Bayern Munich, who knock on the door of Vancouver and get on the train Alphonso Davies Canadian, though – to lead him to win the Champions League.

Another important indicator is the American national football team which, before the advent of the talents in question, was (almost) exclusively the name by which it referred to the women’s team. Hope Solo, Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan bring a formation that can count four World Championships, four Olympic gold and eight America’s Cup triumphs. The male team is far, to put it tenderly, from such goals, but something in the night between Sunday and Monday has broken. In a positive sense, clearly: lighting a fuse that if fed could upset the hierarchies of world football. The United States won the CONCACAF Nations League, at their first participation. Does it seem little to you? Currently it may be. But it is the first signing of a promise that the USMNT United States Man National Team – made to its fans.

World Ambition

Chris Richards
Chris Richards

We want to win our first World Cup”. Neymar didn’t say it, Messi didn’t claim it and Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t proclaim it. Speaking is Chris Richards, who on the pages of the Guardian reveals the most classic of American Dream last March. The defender is a young class of 2000, who has followed the same path of distinguished colleagues already mentioned but has not yet imposed. First Dallas, then Bayern Munich and finally loan to Hoffenheim: lots of travel, a future to write. And a Promise, with a capital letter, to all the American people. Richards’ words are partly dictated by unconsciousness and the reply of the old lords of soccer did not wait. “It’s a Stupid talk” replied former CT Bruce Arena, in an attempt to bring back a statement to his absurd say in the dreamlike dimension.

But he didn’t even think about what Richards’ words might hide, that awareness in his own means that the USMNT finally possesses. In the previous releases of the few World Cup played, the US players have never given the impression of wanting at all costs to get to the bottom. Perhaps because they are aware of the limits of the football movement in their own country, the ancestor of the injection of confidence registered 2019, 2020, 2021. The last three years ended with a Nations League raised to the sky in the craziest way of all, worthy of Hollywood. A game that if played in Europe would have been immediately entered in the annals. The double disadvantage against Mexico was tied by Reyna and Mckennie, then Pulisic scored the winner in overtime. All this, with a penalty saved by Horvath at 120′.

McKennie (United States)
McKennie (United States)

It seems that history is taking the first steps to enroll football America in the suitors to the World Cup, a step longer than the leg if seen today. In fact, the boys of CT Berhalter will soon have to start the path of qualifications and nothing is taken for granted on the other side of the world. It is certain that we have never seen a team with this awareness of its means in relation to the young age of its elements. Not a bad business card for the rulers of the basket and the scrum, who decided to get serious with the ball in the way. Respecting a Promise, turning soccer into football. What we all know.

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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