Zielinski, La Gazzetta: “The Pole towards the leading role of Napoli”

ZIELINSKI LA GAZZETTA – Despite the fluctuating season, the Polish midfielder wants to redeem himself and regain Spalletti’s confidence. Napoli is looking for a leader and Piotr has the great opportunity to fill a role he has always dreamed of, but never achieved to the end. With the farewells of Mertens and Insigne, Zielinski, in a different way, has the chance to become the leader of the Azzurri, as confirmed by today’s edition of La Gazzetta.

Zielinski, La Gazzetta announces: “He will be the new leader of Napoli”

Below are the words reported by the well-known Italian newspaper:

A Diez, but in its own way. Piotr Zielinski he was born as an attacking midfielder, he expressed himself well for years as a midfielder and last season, with Spalletti on the bench, as a raider behind the striker he started great but then got lost in the final. While yesterday Naples celebrated the arrival at the San Paolo di Maradona, dated 5 July 1984, there is no longer a playmaker to ignite the Neapolitan public and therefore the Pole will play the role of ‘can opener’ of the opposing defenses.

Mertens has not yet said goodbye, but the margins for a sensational twist are getting smaller and smaller; Deulofeu is blocked by Politano and Ounas’ misses, while Kvaratskhelia is a winger he likes to have on the sideline. Consequently, the sling for Osimhen will be Zielinski again

Piotr was spent on both sides of the day for his teammates, as well as for the fans. Despite this, the class of ’94 that Udinese brought to Italy with a great intuition, is now awaited for the definitive consecration in the blue jersey. He will present himself to Dimaro with the starting chevron, also because if Spalletti often preferred him to Mertens, it means that he firmly believes in the skills of the Pole.“.

Edoardo Riccio 

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