Angeloni: “Fiorentina has a hard core of Tuscans too. Commisso also follows spring “

Valentino Angeloni, head of Fiorentina’s youth sector, spoke about Fiorentina and much more to the microphones of Radio Bruno. Below is an excerpt of his statements.

Angeloni: “The Fiorentina it also has a hard core of Tuscans. Commisso also follows spring “

“The balance of the work of the youth sector is wonderful. The results are obviously not the main thing, the goal is to train guys ready for the first team or pro. Result suggests that we have very interesting groups. Primavera won the Italian Cup and the Super Cup, the fourth in the Commisso era; under 18 among the first 4, 17 among the first 8, 14 first, under 15 second, under 13 second. Rgeneral result that makes us understand that what we have undertaken since the advent of salesman is beautiful and important. It takes time, it’s not just the pitch, but it’s a great satisfaction “.

Angeloni he continued: “We have forged ahead in recent years, and it was a surprise, even if I was hoping for it. We started with 20 affiliates, and we have 70. Many players have been registered by Fiorentina. The Fiorentina it also has a strong core of Tuscans, and this is our mission. Thanks to the ownership we have improved all the staff. We are first in Italy in terms of the number of members in the staff. A match analyst for each national team. I speak very little, I like to appear little, but it makes you cry or laugh when I read, I feel that the company is for sale. Last night at the end of the Under 15 game he called me Commisso. Does a president invest all this money and then want to sell? Commisso he also came to see us in Settignano, he follows the Primavera, he gets information on all the results in a timely manner ”.

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