Verona, officer: here is Thomas Henry

VERONA HENRY – Verona continues its pre-season preparation, while Cioffi awaits reinforcement in defense, a new attack is made official.

Verona, officer: here is Thomas Henry

In the morning Thomas Henry, former Venezia player, underwent medical examinations and unlocked the sporting fitness to join his new group. The Venice, has collected a figure close to 5 million plus 40% of the future resale. The offensive package of Verona expands, with Caprari towards the start and Simeone coveted at Naples, the Scaligeri find themselves with Djuric, Piccoli and also the French. Cioffi will have to decide how to make his attack functional, applicable in the same way as Beto who made the breakthroughs towards his attacking midfielders. Djuric and Henry are two battering rams who can easily free Caprari or Barak towards the edge of the penalty area. The Frenchman will earn a figure close to one million euros, with a multi-year agreement. Henry, last season scored 9 goals in 33 games, a high contribution which, however, failed to make the season of Venezia savable. Now it remains for him to demonstrate the technical and physical abilities of him that he will put at Cioffi’s disposal, a blow that can score a lot even in the fantasy football field.


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