Bayern Munich, Rummenigge and the “regrets” Alaba and Kroos

BAYERN MONACO RUMMENIGGE ALABA KROOS – Karl-Heienz Rummenigge, Bayern Munich’s sports manager, made some statements, to the microphones of Sports picture speaking of Alaba and Kroos. Here is what was stated.

Bayern Munich, Rummenigge and the “regrets” Alaba and Kroos

 “I’m very sorry I let David go and I apologize for that. He was the defense leader and he played amazingly with Flick when we won the Champions League in Lisbon. The absence of him is felt. As for Kroos, however, his agent demanded a lot from Bayern and we were unable to satisfy him ”.

Still decisive in Europe David Alaba and Toni Kroos who won the Champions League for the umpteenth time with the Real Madrid shirt. In the Bavarian environment there was no lack of criticism, for having let two players who were decisive for yet another European title of the ‘Blancos’ leave, albeit in different periods. Rummenigge takes his own ‘responsibilities’, especially on the sale of the Austrian defender, David Alaba. The latter even with Flick at the helm of Bayern had managed to reach the top of Europe.

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