Never seen a Serie A like this: in the sprint Scudetto balance reigns

The championship of Series A 2021 / 2022 it is certainly one of the hardest fought in recent years. It had been a while since there had been four teams fighting for him Scudetto. After the twenty-ninth day, the situation is this: the Milan leads the table with 63 points, Napoli is according to 60,Inter ranks third with 59, but he has a game to catch up (against the Bologna), and finally in fourth place there is the Juventus at altitude 56.

Since the beginning of the season the leaders have changed several times: every week there are twists and turns in the standings. All this obviously favors the show and we can afford to say that Serie A this year is certainly the most balanced and exciting championship among the European top 5. In Premier League Manchester City e Liverpool are clearly detached from the others, in Liga il Real Madrid it even has a 10-point lead over Sevillein League 1 il Paris Saint Germain makes a separate championship (it is at +15 up Marseille e Nice) and in Bundesliga only two teams are fighting: Bavaria Monaco e Borussia Dortmund.

In Italy, as we have seen, there are four teams in the running for the Scudetto and they are all enclosed in just 7 points. From here to the end they are missing 9 games, and it is safe to bet that we will arrive with this balance until the very last days. I am still 27 points available (30 for Inter), from now on every match will be like a final. The curiosity is that all four teams fighting for the title between now and 22 May will have to compete two big matches each.

Milan will challenge the Lazio toOlympic at the 34th and theAtalanta a Saint Siro at the 37th. Napoli will go to Bergamo at the 31st and will host the Roma at the 33rd. Inter have a direct clash with Juventus in Turin in the 31st and in Milan they will challenge Roma in the 34th. Finally, Juve, in addition to the aforementioned match with the Nerazzurri, will have Lazio at home on Matchday 37.

Then there is another curiosity to pay attention to. Both Milan and Napoli will have to challenge the Torino away from home and this can represent a great pitfall for the Rossoneri and the Azzurri, given that the grenades within the friendly walls this season have already stopped Inter and risked equalizing even with Juve (the Bianconeri only won at the ’86’ thanks to the goal of Locatelli).

A team that will have a great influence in the race for the Scudetto will be there Fiorentina, which is the only one that all four contenders for the championship will have to face. The Viola will meet Inter in the 30th, Napoli in the 32nd, Milan in the 34th, and Juve on the last day, the 38th.

It is not possible to say which of the four “sisters” has the simplest calendar from now to the end of the season, because as we have seen they have the same big matches to play and in the other games they will challenge all insidious teams that will surely sell their lives dearly. But we can certainly say that balance will reign until the end of the championship, so we will still see some good ones.

By Federico Poet

Written by News Releases

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